Best Places To Visit In Assam

Best Places To Visit In Assam, Check out this article and plan your itinerary well

      Best places to visit in Assam

click here Assam, is an untouched paradise! This you will come to know once you travel here . I was in a dilemma when I was planning my next trip. There are many alternatives that came to my mind Like Jaipur, Uttarakhand, Himachal, and Punjab. I decided to visit buy Pregabalin cheap uk Assam, and shortlist the go site best places to visit in Assam 

Assam, was my starting destination for the north east  India trip. I choose this place as it will give me a twin benefit. As, Meghalaya, is 80 km drive from Assam, I thought of covering that as well.

So, I pack my bag and went to Assam & trust me I had a wonderful trip there. This article will surely help you out to plan your itinerary well whenever you plan to head to this paradise

Best places to visit In Assam

Though there are many best places in Assam, here are some of the best places to visit in Assam which I found one should at least visit.

Assam, is notorious for national parks and famous wildlife sanctuaries. I want to name some of the National parks which you can visit once you reach Assam.

Kaziranga National Park


Kaziranga National Park, is an only place in India where you can have a glimpse of one horn rhino. This jungle safari is something different which is incomparable when it comes to other jungle safari In our country, on the way to this place you can have a glimpse of the tea plantation nearby which will certainly tempt you to have a photograph. As they say “A picture is worth a thousand words” have a look at the picture below and decide about the true beauty of the Tea gardens of Assam.

Best Places To Visit In Assam - Assam Tea Garden

Now you must be wondering how to reach here?Here is an article that will help you out in-depth understanding of how to reach Kaziranga National Park

Manas National Park

Best Places To Visit In Assam - Manas National Park

This National park is also a world heritage site like Kaziranga National Park, but with a slight difference here you’ll see tigers as this park is dedicated for saving tigers as they(Tigers) are going on a verge of extinction. So again, the good place to have some natural photography to update in some of your social media profiles?

Some of the other national parks that you can visit are

Pobitora wildlife sanctuary

Nameri National Park to name a few.

In my trip I was able to visit Kaziranga National Park & Manas National park because of unfortunate lack of time, will certainly cover them on my next visit.Besides the national parks & bird sanctuary, you can also explore the temples who are having the rich culture.  Some of the temples you can visit here are

Umanda  & Ma Khamkya Devi Temple

Though both temples have its own history if have time should visit both if in case you have the shortage of time then I would say visit Umanda Temple

Best Place To Visit In Assam - Umanda Temple

As it’s the temple located in the middle of the river also known as island temple. Here is an article that will help you out How To Reach Umanda Temple From Guwahati

Ma Khamkhaya Temple

Best Places To Visit In Assam: Kamakaya Temple

Source: Google

This temple is an old Hindu temple dedicated to Ma Khamkya. It’s a place notorious for tantric worshipers. The good place to see the rich culture and belief of local community out there.

If you can move further ahead from Guwahati to Tezpur, you can visit few picnic spots Like

Agnigarh hill

Best Places To Visits In Assam :Agnigarh HillSource: Google

Agnigarh hill is situated in Tezpur in Assam. As per Hindu mythology, a fortress was built here by King Banasura again a good place to see a history of Assam.Last but not the least your trip is not done if you have not enjoyed a river cruise on the Bhramaputra river, if done then you can say good bye to your trip.

I hope this piece of information will certainly help you in making an informed itinerary and will leave you back with a cherish memory of this paradise of the northeast.

Happy Travelling and keep reading us!!