How To Reach Kaziranga National Park

How To Reach Kaziranga National Park? Learn which is the best mode to reach this iconic place & much more

Kaziranga is located in heart of Assam , it’s famous for one horn rhino  people from different parts of the world visit this place .By coming to this place you had  an opportunity to visit its nearby location like Shillong and Tawang which is hardly a 70 to 80 km drive . I personally feel it’s a twin benefit for all the type of travellers, whether you are coming with your family or you are a solo traveller

Kaziranga National park

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Kaziranga Can be reached in following ways

Jorhat Airport , which is the nearest airport to Kaziranga national park which is almost  96 kilometers from kaziranga national park.Else you can deplane at Tezpur airport which is approx 59.9 kilometers from the Kaziranga national park .

You can reach Kaziranga national park from Guwahati via furkating railway junction hardly a two-hour drive for Kaziranga National Park .

If you are a hardcore road traveller then go via Guwahati to Kaziranga National park highly recommended as it is 240 Km from Guwahati airport,  by going via  Guwahati to Kaziranga National park you will enjoy the scenic beauties on way to Kaziranga National Park . who knows if you are fortunate enough you may have chances to have a glimpse of one horn rhino on your way to Kaziranga National park.

Kaziranga Hotels 

Once you reached that location if you are a tourist first thing that could come to your mind is about the night halt. Don’t worry kaziranga have an ample of resort and hotels which is in purview of your budget .

Though there are many hotels and resort available  ,i would personally recommend you to go for

Iroa resort as it is nice place to stay ,with spacious rooms and high quality food . The good thing about this hotel is its food , i can bet you will have a strong feeling as if you are eating your food amidst jungle .Rest you can research other hotels too from your end .

Kaziranga Famous For 

Kaziranga is famous for it’s flaura and fauna species but beside this people from different walks of life came every year to see the one horn rhino .which is the only center of attraction for every tourist over there .

One Horn Rihno

So , plan your itinerary accordingly as now you have strong geographical intelligence of that area , i hope my experience will help you in having a wonderful jungle safari ,which i hope you will cherish your lifetime.