How To Reach Cherrapunji

Cherrapunji, commonly called as the wettest place in india. Check out how to reach Cherrapunji.


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Cherrapunji, is one of the favorite spots to visit when you head to the north east of India. People usually confused with how to reach Cherrapunji. Don’t worry I have covered everything,on this article about how to reach Cherrapunji, from my travel experience to this location. This will certainly help you in preparing an informed itinerary & of course will clear your doubts on how to reach Cherrapunji

How To Reach Cherrapunji


here How To Reach Cherrapunji By Air

Cherrapunji has not got any functioning airport, that’s why people are in a dilemma how to reach cherrapunji? No worries, I ‘ll tell you the best and the most cost-effective ways on how to reach cherrapunji. This paradise can be reached either by going to Umroi airport in Shillong  which is the nearest airport in shillong or by taking a flight to Guwahati airport. The best way is to take flights for Guwahati airport. The reason behind this because you have many flights connected to Guwahati from almost all places. So here you have options to book your flights with well-known airlines likes Indigo, Jet Airways and many other players so you can buy according to your budget. Whereas Shillong airport, is connected to only Kolkata so, you have fewer options. If you take my recommendation, I would say go to Guwahati airport and book a taxi from there and enjoy a  road trip to cherrapunji, which is amazing. I book a flight from Delhi to Guwahati for my Cherrapunji trip.

Cherrapunji- How To Reach Cherrapunji

Cherrapunji’s weather remains pleasant throughout the year. As this area is notorious for heavy rainfall commonly called as wettest place in India, though the title has now shifted to Mawsynram, but still the rainfall is very high. The best time to visit Cherrapunji, according to me is May & October. As cherrapunji, is sub-locality of Meghalaya, so you have an opportunity to see other places like Shillong.Beside air, Cherrapunji, can be reached by rail & road mode. How To Reach Cherrapunji By Train

Cherrapunji, can be reached by train or rail mode, by going to nearest and well connected railway station of Guwahati. This station is hardly 170 kms away from Cherrapunji. On reaching this location you can either take a Meghalaya state bus services, which is easily available on the paltan bazar side. If you are not comfortable in travelling buses, you can take taxis to reach Cherrapunji,as the only mode available to reach Cherrapunji from Shillong is by road.

How To Reach Cherrapunji By Car

Cherrapunji- How To Reach Cherrapunji

If you are driving by yourself, following insights will certainly helpful. Since, I took a car on a rent on reaching Assam. Then I travel to Cherrapunji, in a rented car via Guwahati, Shillong & finally the Cherrapunji. Since, Cherrapunji is connected from Shillong Via road, which is nearly 60 km far. Try to make your trip on a sunny day, as this will help you in having a clear sight seeing of the this paradise. As the distance is short between Shillong & Cherrapunji, don’t be in a rush to  reach Cherrapunji. Take a halt or stay in Cherrapunji and enjoy the amazing sight seeings & north east cuisines. Hope I’m of help in solving you query on How To Reach Cherrapunji

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